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Communicate Who You Are in Everything that You do

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Personal Brand

Uncover the essentials to a strong and powerful personal brand.

Personal Style

Develop your personal style and uncover your true style personality.

Social Profiles

Learn the right social media channels to publish and promote your personal brand.

Online Support

Meet and collaborate with others to ensure your personal brand is uniquely you.

Shop Your Wardrobe

Find the clothes you love and the clothes you loathe and get to know the “why” behind purchases.  You will learn how to create a capsule collection of clothing that is aligned with your Personal Brand and your Style Personality and how to save $$$’s whilst also ensuring you only invest in pieces that will work for you now and in the future.

  • You wear this much of your wardrobe 20%
  • This much of the time 80%
  • And you waste this much of your salary 20%

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and what you mean to me, there’s nothing intelligent I can put into words that could even get near.”

Jayne Roberts

Thank you Susan for waving your magic wand across me and across my business.  Your program, your message and what you stand for were the keys for me pulling it all together.


Wendy Grenfell

My experience with Susan Young’s e-Course came as a complete surprise and actually made me want to dig deeper into the idea of personal brand. The exercises she set were clever, lateral and insightful and gave me a completely different perspective on how I present myself in a professional context.


Heather Potter

When I worked with Susan I didn’t know what to expect, however, I changed the direction of my business, it’s now in full flow (and making money) – she was just exactly the kick up the ass I needed.

Julia Taine

The most inspiring, intelligent, original (& fun) personal brand program

If this program doesn’t get you to see yourself differently, nothing will.  I believe with total certainty that you will love to learn about Who You Are and how you Communicate … this program is designed to gently, but creatively take you to another level in life.


Susan Young - creator of The Language of Style

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